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Designing tech* products
with ambitious teams.

For over a decade, I have been designing technology products and services with top-tier tech teams. Beyond merely creating user interfaces and interaction designs, I set design strategies and lead design teams to turn futuristic visions into reality. Particularly interested in teaming up with futuristic squads to build novel products from the ground up, or develop unique features that resonate and inspire. My ultimate commitment is to build honest and purposeful products that truly deserve to exist.

As of today, I'm available for new projects.

Select work

Drove multiple design initiatives aimed at innovating connections between artists and their fans, thereby bringing fresh perspectives to the music industry.

Led the design of a novel social app from the ground up to foster professional collaborations, earning The Product of the Year award on Product Hunt in 2022.

Headed the design and strategy of a first-in-class app that facilitates co-investment in real estate within communities, backed by yCombinator in 2021.

Pioneered the design to transform language learning into a lifestyle, an achievement recognized as The Most Innovative Product in Education by Fast Company in 2016.

Conducted research and led design of the first fully customisable digital gift cards in the fashion industry for Europe's Largest Online Fashion Retailer.

Led the design for classical music discovery, personalisation, and curation features. Recognized as one of The Best Inventions of the Year by Time Magazine in 2019.

Crafted the design and branding for a specialised B2B e-commerce platform, linking high-end design product suppliers to local vendors.