With the aim of spreading online freedom to masses, ZenMate introduced various internet security features and products that reached over 40 million users with its simplicity, design and performance. As a user experience designer, I led the overall design strategy and design execution for VPN product refreshments, ZenMate Premium service, the user dashboard along with an email encryption browser extension.

Home view for disconnected and connected states
Upgrade view of ZenMate VPN iOS app. Illustrations by Martin Velchevksi.
Purchase page on web to upgrade to Premium — with innovative one-line card input
Account creation after installation of ZenMate VPN extension
A pop-up window to contact support
Mobile flows on a large canvas used for documentation and transparency purposes
User panel icons used throughout ZenMate products
ZenMate Secure Email is a browser extension, integrated in Gmail, to send and receive encrypted emails.
Onboarding pop-up of ZenMate Secure Email, shown over Gmail
Composing an encrypted email via Gmail integration of ZenMate Secure Email

Europas Award for Best Security Product


During my tenure as one of the two designers at ZenMate, the company evolved into one of the premier digital products within the tech industry, cherished by millions who champion internet freedom, particularly in areas where online activities are restricted and monitored. My primary role entailed demystifying complex concepts such as encryption and security, rendering them accessible, comprehensible, and user-friendly.